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Only few days ’till x-mas – I mean, ’till your sourdough is ready to be used in baking. Just have to get trough this 5th and 6th feeding – rest is just building the leaven stonger and turning it into a real 100% hydration sourdough.

But, since this feeding process is becoming quite an everyday-thing, let us go on with it without extra chit-chat today.

Day 5

353g               The “total” mixture made the four first days

248g               To be removed and tossed (about 3/4 of the mixture)

105g               Mixture remaining

100g               Water (bottled)

125g               12-14% protein white flour (organic)

So, we again remove 3/4 of the mixture. Then we feed it, first stir in the water, and then the flour. Scrape down the edges, close the lid and leave in room temperature again until the next day.

Day 6

330g              Our creation so far

280g              To be removed and tossed

50g                Mixture remaining

75g                Water (bottled)

75g                12-14% protein white flour (organic)

So, this is our first 50%-50% water-flour feeding. Having opened the lid, you should have a bubbling and aromatic leaven in your jar. And to keep it active, you shouldn’t over feed your tamagotchi – maximum seven times the amount of the leaven you have after tossing some of it. Say, we’d have the 50g left, that times seven is  350g divided between water and flour is max 175g of each.

Anyhow, this feeding (50g of old 75+75 of new stuff) is a good one. Of course, when you know how much you’ll need for your baking the next day, you can feed your leaven according to that. The main thing is that the amount of flour equals the amount of water. Oh right – I think you know by now what to do with the ingredients, but just to rehearse one more time; Stir first the water and then the flour into the old mixture. Scrape down, close the lid and place in room temperature.

Day 7 and beyond

Keep making your sourdough stronger before getting it into too rough baking action. Doing this will make it even bubblier and the aroma gets stronger, too. Like said before, the feeding instructions from day 6 are very suitable for this part.

How to store your leaven now?

Assuming you’ll continue baking with me there is no need to forget about one’s sourdough. You can even keep it in the room temperature, if you have time for baking a few times per a week. Being a busy student, I store mine in the fridge . It works quite good since the summer is rather hot here at the moment and I have time to bake only once a week. Due to these facts my sourdough would be quite too active on the first day after feeding and then the next day all the bubbles would die out and it would be hungry again. I refreshen my leaven 2-3 times a week, to keep it’s belly full. When I feed it for baking I let it stay in room temperature. You should too, and the best it to feed it even couple times and days before using – but at least once is a must.

So, next we’ll get to the recipes – but before showing you sourdough-baking, here on the side is a little peek of what will be coming up next time!


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