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Huh – what a busy week it is! I even had to let my breadmachine to bake for a chance, since I can’t find the time myself. Well, luckily next Sunday looks emptier, so I think I might finally have time to show you some sourdough baking with focaccia.

But ok – if you are as impatient as I often am and f you already want to get your sourdough in use, you can try replacing the sponge of the “White bread with overnight sponge” with the equal amount of your bubbly leaven. The result is yummy as well – just the dough is a bit stickier and harder to control. But it’s a good practice!

So, we have a week now before the promised focaccia and well, you can start preparing yourself for this mission. Keep building up your sourdough and check that you have something to match these following equipments;

1. Spatula – needed for mixing when feeding your sourdoughs.

2. Box – mine is pink, but I’d prefer a see-trough-box. This will be used when your focaccia is proofing between the foldings. Pretty much anything enough big with a lid will do fine.

3. Scrapers – to clean the edges of the bowl, baking surface, spatula, your hands etc.

4. Thermometer – to get your dough in the exact temperature. This is not necessary, but rather useful if you like to get it perfect. A small one with a digital-screen would be ideal and actually I’m waiting for mine to arrive with the post. Main thing is that it’s enough fast and also works also with cooler temperatures.

1. Small and smaller bowls – to measure your sourdough, yeast, water and salt.

2. Baking bowl – big and simple plastic one would be the best. Mine is metal with a rubber bottom. The metal tends to scar ’cause of the scraping and the rubber makes it harder to move when kneading – not a good choice for this.

3. Measuring cans – something good to pour water from. Bottles work well too, and actually if the weather is like it is in Finland now (32°C) it’s good to keep some water in the fridge for baking.

4. A tray for folding – I have this aluminium one with some edges and it’s super. Just oil it a bit and folding goes well, so something like this is good. I used to use baking paper on top of an oven tray, but it was quite sticky and moved a lot.

5. Oil can – one doesn’t necessary need this, but I love mine. It makes it easier to pour the oil on top of the bread in the end and well – it is cute.

And of course it’s good to have an oven, running water and electricity. Well, also an oven tray and some kitchen towels wouldn’t be bad to have around. And if you have a baking stone, that is of course lovely too.

Then we wait for the next weekend ! Oh, and  make sure you got about 6 hours time in your calendar before starting your dough!


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