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So enjoy it, if you dare…


Happy All Hallows´ Eve everybody!


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Sigh, poured coffee on my laptop and now I’m waiting for a new keyboard to arrive.

Been baking lots of cheesecakes. Tried out a recipe from here, fell in love, and now just trying to work it even further. Making spider webs and hearts on top. Just keep making my berry mixture too thick with potato starch, so it kinda separates from the cheesecake during the bake. But next time I’ll get it. Hopefully.

Not so pretty

Baked a different kind of bread, too. One with only wholemeal spelt flour and a lot of sesame, flax and sunflower seeds. Quite yummy, probably too healthy, though.

Spelt and seeds

Also had a fried visiting from Finland. Was very pleasant. Got some super cute cake forms to try. Just gotta figure out what to make, another cheesecake? Huh.


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Better than your average hobbit, been there and back again, oh so manieth time this year. Finland, I think I’ll make it once more this year. Still six unused holiday days, but if my luck doesn’t work it’s wonders, I think it will be yet another Christmas in Germany. But let’s get over with Halloween first, before we start thinking about Santa. Well, kinda did that already, or why else would there have been so many pumpkins?

Everybody make yours!

Came back with cranberries, and in no time had they turned into a cake. Was too impatient with the layers, though, and everything mixed into a lovely pink mess. Waah, I may never learn.


Many other cakes have appeared, too. Today I met one, actually four small ones, with kiwis and butter-cream inside them. I was too impatient once again, though, as I used fridge cold butter for my butter-cream. But at least I had the patience to let the custard cool properly this time. Maybe next time I’ll do it all properly.

Little cakes

Macaroons worked out. Well, spite the air-pockets inside that do bug me. Even if I banged the tray against the table a dozen times. But otherwise, quite nice. Filled with blackberry jam, yum yum.

Blue daba dii

Bread has been baked, too. Some archipelago loaves and one with quite a bit of quark. Everything works.


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