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Survived the week among Germans. Well, yeah, I do live among them, but I’ve never before actually lived with any of them. But sharing a room of three beds was actually fun, got along great and mostly understood what was going on. But best part in Hannover was of course the baking. So, here’s some documentation.



Made braided loaves. Many sorts. So pretty. Can’t wait to try making these again.


We made so many bread rolls, and all kinds. But got to eat only one, for they had disappeared while we had a lecture in the other room. Such a shame, wanted to taste them…


And a lot of sourdough bread. Also one with white sourdough, ciabatta. That one I liked, and the others… Well, they looked amazing, I give them that. But German rye sourdough bread. Or any rye sourdough bread. Not really my thing, to be honest. But I did like baking them.

In making


Last day we made puff pastry. Pasteten (like the one’s I made before leaving) and sweet pastries with cherry and pudding filling. Really yummy, and puffy.

Also made ice-creams and snacks, but from those I don’t have that good pictures. But I guess everyone knows how vanilla ice-cream looks like so, not a big loss there.



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