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Though these things were only not seen by me, but also baked and eaten by me. Unluckily, pics are the only thing I can share here. (And recipes – yes, yes, someday).


Made a chocolate mousse cake. Been a while, so. And wanted to decorate a cake, so. But my Bavarian cream somewhat failed. Guess I worked too warm pudding into the whipped cream. Always too impatient. Luckily the wafer cookies make it look more impressive. So worked like a real pro, using ready made decorations. That’s why it looks so pro, too.


These cookies turned out cute, again. The recipe works. Tried a different nozzle, filled them with nougat and even rolled a few in chocolate sprinkles. Had fun playing.


Made an almond vanilla cake, it ought to be a Spanish one. Quite yummy, the marzipan really comes through. But nothing so special, that I’d note the recipe.

Lye bakings

Still a baker, too. Inspired by Hannover, I made einstrangzopfen (it means that shape, a braid made with one string of dough) at home. But not out of your average white dough. Mine were, of course, dipped in lye. We love that stuff.



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