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It’s almost a summer here, so many beautiful sunny days passing by, everything is blooming out there and freezer is once again filled up with ice-cream. And with many many bakings, too. Been trying to perfect some recipes and well, I think the supply is exceeding demand. Any reasonable person would probably carry out some production cutbacks, but well… It’s tough to undergo such procedures, since the employee seems so happy at her work and I don’t think I could relocate her either.

So, kneading bowl goes from washing straight back to be used again and oven is on everyday. Today I actually made quite a few things; ciabatta bread-rolls, melon pan and bagels. Bagels were such a catastrophe again. I always manage to smash them when boiling them in water. And then they turn out to be all wrinkled and blah. Should perhaps make the dough even drier and proof them in the fridge alone. See, another baking to practice and to perfect.

Little ciabattas

Luckily the other two kinda worked out. Melon pan was as good as always, and I filled a few with cherry jam, too. Ciabatta bread-rolls I’m ok with, not enough bubbly, since as I started to prepare the dough, I decided that my wheat sourdough is too old, so I threw it away. Great, so I was left to do the bread-rolls with a quick sponge, and not so good one in that. So in that sense, I’m pleased how they turned out.

The tower

But one bake I gotta brag about. I made a bread with rye sourdough. My first one. Got this sourdough starter from work so had to try it out. It made a nice sourdough actually, and a nice bread, too. But this sourdough I also threw away, for it was eating too much. And boah, was it sticky! But no worries, still got plenty of that starter stuff, so can make a new one anytime.

Ryebread and the mother's mother

But now I go to eat those luckless bagels away, yum yum.


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