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Made the first and most likely the last wedding cake of my life. At least the last one with fondant, god my. That stuff sure is nice to work with and fun and all, but there are more delicious things to eat on this planet. And were it my wedding, I’d rather have something yummy. But still, I was pleased how it this mission impossible of my baking career turned out.


Done done

Underneath the fondant is a milk chocolate ganache (1kg of chocolate went into this cake) and cake out of Wiener Masse with oil (15 eggs went into this cake). I will post the recipe for the Wiener Masse, for I really enjoy it, since it requires no baking powder and still has a nice volume. Used some orange liqueur for moisture and for the extra flavor.

Done done done

Done done done done

Lego-effect, since the couple wished to have this Lego-couple on the cake. Roses and hops as decoration, also something for each.

These pics were taken home, before the two hour drive in a nice warm car and then another 10 hours in the fridge of the restaurant were the wedding was held. So, the cake had to go through a bit, and did somewhat suffer. Few wrinkles and such, but god, it survived. So happy I worked with ganache in this case, butter-cream might have not held so well…

And to the wedding. Had no idea I’d be attending a wedding like that ; 85 guests, party on ’till 5 am, food and drinks unlimited, all so fancy. And I went and caught the wedding bouquet. Oops.

Done did it


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