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Finally baked focaccia! And was again worth the trouble! This time I tried it with some cheese on:

Mmm.. Yummy as always!


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..focaccia baking! Been busy times, but I’ve still had some time to enjoy and do more testing:

It’s a rye bread – not actually anything like focaccia in it. I used a rye sourdough and 60% of the flour was also rye.
So it was quite a.. ..humm, well an unique bread. The fennel with the salt I sprinkled on the top especially made it to be quite an experiment. So, next time.. maybe using the rye sourdough in a different recipe instead of the focaccia one.

But I’ve also baked normal focaccias – this one went to my co-students again:

It was already a day old when I took it there, but still dissappeared. We had this crazy-night-studying-thing, also being at school from 22-6, huh! I took some focaccia and karelian pasties there to keep us cheered up. And my stock gave me some cakes to try out so, took those there, too. They were quite yummy, might order them for the café on the Valentines..


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Hohoo – it became a real focaccia baking week. I made this one..

– It has 10g of balsamic vinegar in the dough and then some lemonpepper-olive oil marinaded garlics inside. Was yummy! Quite strong with the garlics, though, so couldn’t really catch the taste of the vinegar. Have to try again with some milder filling.

And then I made this one..

– Such a super-yummy thing! Has milk-chocolate chunks inside, and once out of oven it was glazed with sugar-suryp and sprinkled with hazelnut crocants, mm.. Really healthy snack, indeed.

Well, today planning to try a rye focaccia, so that ought to be a bit healthier.. Any other filling ideas?


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Yes, again. Well, I eventually came to the solution that focaccia is my kind of bread with bubbles. And now I’m dying to test different flavours again.

So, then today I tried my luck with cheese focaccia! Added to the 1/2 focaccia recipe 35g of Fuuga-cheese from MTT/Jokioinen. And for the topping we crunched some grilling-seasoning-salt instead of rosemary. What a delicious thing – though the taste reminds me from potato chips..

Next planning to try focaccia with balsamic vinegar (a tip from a baker friend). And have some olive oil+lemon pepper seasoned garlics to go in it, mm.. I have also another sweet focaccia in my mind, but you shall see it, when it comes out.

Yes, added couple nice pics to the Gallery -page at the same, too!


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One night I went again crazy with focaccia.. how come I’m always baking this bread, huh? Well, guess I love it so much, and there are so many different fillings one can test, so you never get bored. Here are the results of my tests;

Just the original one, but this time you can easily eat it all at once!

Melted cheese (or processed cheese, according to wikipedia), vanillasugar and fennel. Didn’t work at all to me.. The fennel is great, but the cheese – a bit too strong. Could be good with some fresh cheese, actually. The burned didn’t bother me – you couldn’t taste it that well.

Apple and cinnamon always work well together, so why not in focaccia? And they surely did.. with some sugar-water on top, mmm..

And here are all the tryouts. Well, I didn’t have other good pic of the most bottom one – tomatoe-basilicum. With that I didn’t at first want to admit it’s good, but then I just couldn’t stop eating it, so.. ..I guess that tells something!


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Oh yes, once again I went crazy baking. My goal was to make wholemeal focaccia and little breadroll-size focaccias. Well, baking, as life, is so unpredictable.. ..and things never go quite the way you planned. Here are the results;

Wholemeal focaccia – actually worked amazingly well, and I even got some delicious bubbles! Of course the flour I used wasn’t all-wholemeal – I had to use some white flour to get the structure working. Anyway, I had a wholemeal sourdough as a basis, the one I’ve been feeding for a rough week now. In the baking I used 30% wholemeal of the required amount of flour. Also, making 1/2 focaccia this time, it meant 75g of wholemeal and 175g of white flour. I’ll post the recipe one day – as I’ve baked this few times myself first.

Well, but the other one actually turned out even more interesting to bake and I soon realized I’d be making no breadroll-sized focaccias out of that. I don’t know, whether I’ve been so unexact with my scale when feeding the tamagotchi or what, but it felt like I had 150% hydration leaven. It was so liquid and foamy as a soap. And then I don’t know was I half asleep while measuring the flour into the bowl – I needed 250g and well, seeing the watery result I ended up adding 200g of flour.. but I’m pretty sure I had atleast some flour in the bowl before that too – maybe it was only 50g then, huh?

Despite all this, the dough was still quite liquid and you can imagine how desperate it was trying to knead and fold that stuff. But still I did end up with a nice and bubbly focaccia. And it’s amazing that I only made 1/2 focaccia in this case too, but it’s twice as big as my wholemeal focaccia! Maybe there were some extra ingredients.. Well, I have a lot to eat with that, so I decied I’d take some to my school tomorrow again – exiting! It’s less saltier this time, and I do all the time feel it woul need a bit more taste – need to see what others think.

But now, ’till the next week – and I try to be more careful with measuring from now on..


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Feeling a bit like I’d need some time at the moment. Would love to search out for new recipes and try them out a bit more often.. Well, but here I am again – baking foccaccia at 2 am!

Luckily the bread turned out good. It shall go to my company mates in Poikkeama as we begin our year again.. ..today! And oh my – haven’t baked this bread for a while and for a reason – it already smells so heavenly that now I can’t sleep!

I’m just being confident that the extra-time will show up soon – maybe already next Sunday this amazing book will be opened again and I’ll be doing something wicked! So, recipes are promised! Leipää = Bread.


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