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Made the first and most likely the last wedding cake of my life. At least the last one with fondant, god my. That stuff sure is nice to work with and fun and all, but there are more delicious things to eat on this planet. And were it my wedding, I’d rather have something yummy. But still, I was pleased how it this mission impossible of my baking career turned out.


Done done

Underneath the fondant is a milk chocolate ganache (1kg of chocolate went into this cake) and cake out of Wiener Masse with oil (15 eggs went into this cake). I will post the recipe for the Wiener Masse, for I really enjoy it, since it requires no baking powder and still has a nice volume. Used some orange liqueur for moisture and for the extra flavor.

Done done done

Done done done done

Lego-effect, since the couple wished to have this Lego-couple on the cake. Roses and hops as decoration, also something for each.

These pics were taken home, before the two hour drive in a nice warm car and then another 10 hours in the fridge of the restaurant were the wedding was held. So, the cake had to go through a bit, and did somewhat suffer. Few wrinkles and such, but god, it survived. So happy I worked with ganache in this case, butter-cream might have not held so well…

And to the wedding. Had no idea I’d be attending a wedding like that ; 85 guests, party on ’till 5 am, food and drinks unlimited, all so fancy. And I went and caught the wedding bouquet. Oops.

Done did it


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I’ve dedicated too much time for eating the bakings instead of shooting and posting about them. Well, here goes. Finally some sweet spring bakes!


Home-made puff pastry baked with vanilla-pudding in the middle and topped with fresh, sweet strawberries! Totally delicious! Brushed with boiled apricot jam for the extra shine.


More strawberries! This time in the form of a pie. Got it even out the form without it crumbling all into pieces! Mmm.. it was very scrumptious.


Been practicing. How to work with fondant and suddenly my kitchen is full of these fondant working tools.; little cutters, food-colors, brushes, silicon rolling pins and god-knows-what. Well, this was one of the too-many-test-cakes-could-not-eat-them-all and yeah… Next weekend I ought to be ready for the real deal. It won’t look anything like this, though, I promise.


Today I went to a lye-baking-course. Was so good. Like one of those TV-cooking-shows only live. And so you would get to eat everything in the end without having to lift up your finger. And could take as much with you as you could carry, too. Oh, and the best part was that it was even interesting! Six hours passed faster than on any school lecture.


They also showed us some snacks. So important for us bakers to produce these, they say. Well, I find them super yummy, so wouldn’t be a wonder if our customers did, too. Should offer more stuff like this! Though, with the broccoli one on the front I wasn’t quite convinced with.. Maybe with asparagus or paprika instead.

Hope the summer will be as delicious.. since it finally seems to have arrived!

Marika ~

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It’s almost a summer here, so many beautiful sunny days passing by, everything is blooming out there and freezer is once again filled up with ice-cream. And with many many bakings, too. Been trying to perfect some recipes and well, I think the supply is exceeding demand. Any reasonable person would probably carry out some production cutbacks, but well… It’s tough to undergo such procedures, since the employee seems so happy at her work and I don’t think I could relocate her either.

So, kneading bowl goes from washing straight back to be used again and oven is on everyday. Today I actually made quite a few things; ciabatta bread-rolls, melon pan and bagels. Bagels were such a catastrophe again. I always manage to smash them when boiling them in water. And then they turn out to be all wrinkled and blah. Should perhaps make the dough even drier and proof them in the fridge alone. See, another baking to practice and to perfect.

Little ciabattas

Luckily the other two kinda worked out. Melon pan was as good as always, and I filled a few with cherry jam, too. Ciabatta bread-rolls I’m ok with, not enough bubbly, since as I started to prepare the dough, I decided that my wheat sourdough is too old, so I threw it away. Great, so I was left to do the bread-rolls with a quick sponge, and not so good one in that. So in that sense, I’m pleased how they turned out.

The tower

But one bake I gotta brag about. I made a bread with rye sourdough. My first one. Got this sourdough starter from work so had to try it out. It made a nice sourdough actually, and a nice bread, too. But this sourdough I also threw away, for it was eating too much. And boah, was it sticky! But no worries, still got plenty of that starter stuff, so can make a new one anytime.

Ryebread and the mother's mother

But now I go to eat those luckless bagels away, yum yum.


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For my absence one might assume that I’ve finally had it and quit baking. Sorry folks, quite the opposite. Been baking like no tomorrow, at least on the last day before my practical test, when there really was no tomorrow.

So yes, had my examinations, not the final ones, but still enough important (also stressful) ones to matter. But they went smooth in the end, had fun and actually quite a bit of excess time in the practical test. And they always call me slow in my bakery, hah, here I was referred as the one with the best time management. Take that!

And next week more stressful times ahead, no I mean, more baking ahead. Leaving to Hannover to bake on Monday again, and returning only on Friday. But last time had fun, so hopefully it will be as good this time, too.

But that’s it for the applesauce, actually wanted to share a recipe. These bread rolls I had to make in my practical test, too, so, by now, this recipe is surely tested. They are quite huge, and therefore make a great meal to take with you to work or then to enjoy as a part of a luxurious breakfast brunch.

Braided rolls

Dough, makes nine rolls

750g   Wheat flour
35g   Fresh yeast
413g   Water, lukewarm
15g   Salt
15g   Sugar/syrup – I also recommend using some (5g) dextrose/glucose (many groceries sell it these days for all sporty purposes), happened to buy some for one candy recipe that called for it, and now have been using it to feed my yeast doughs, and it does improve the proofing, must admit
23g   Margarine

Seeds to cover the bread; like sunflower, sesame, flax – and some oatmeal, too

Measure the ingredients into a mixer with a kneading hook, and knead about 4 minutes on the slowest speed, and another 6 minutes on the second slowest speed. Or hand-knead the dough by dissolving the yeast into the water and pouring this over the dry ingredients. Knead into a smooth dough, add the margarine, and knead ’till the dough is smooth again. Let it rest for 15 minutes covered.

Divide the dough into 9 equal pieces, also each weighting about 140-145g, and shape them round. Let the pieces rest covered for another 15 minutes.

Braid the rolls:

Braiding rolls

Prepare a seed mixture of your liking into a bowl and take some water into another bowl. Dip the rolls in the water and then in the seed mixture. Divide the rolls onto two baking trays to proof. Let the rolls proof covered in a warm place ’till well risen, about 30-40 minutes.


Bake the rolls for about 20 minutes in 210°C. Enjoy!

Ready for oven


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