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I’ve dedicated too much time for eating the bakings instead of shooting and posting about them. Well, here goes. Finally some sweet spring bakes!


Home-made puff pastry baked with vanilla-pudding in the middle and topped with fresh, sweet strawberries! Totally delicious! Brushed with boiled apricot jam for the extra shine.


More strawberries! This time in the form of a pie. Got it even out the form without it crumbling all into pieces! Mmm.. it was very scrumptious.


Been practicing. How to work with fondant and suddenly my kitchen is full of these fondant working tools.; little cutters, food-colors, brushes, silicon rolling pins and god-knows-what. Well, this was one of the too-many-test-cakes-could-not-eat-them-all and yeah… Next weekend I ought to be ready for the real deal. It won’t look anything like this, though, I promise.


Today I went to a lye-baking-course. Was so good. Like one of those TV-cooking-shows only live. And so you would get to eat everything in the end without having to lift up your finger. And could take as much with you as you could carry, too. Oh, and the best part was that it was even interesting! Six hours passed faster than on any school lecture.


They also showed us some snacks. So important for us bakers to produce these, they say. Well, I find them super yummy, so wouldn’t be a wonder if our customers did, too. Should offer more stuff like this! Though, with the broccoli one on the front I wasn’t quite convinced with.. Maybe with asparagus or paprika instead.

Hope the summer will be as delicious.. since it finally seems to have arrived!

Marika ~

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I’ve been baking lots, but nothing has turned out so great lately. Perhaps I haven’t put enough thought into what I’m doing, or then I’m rushing it too much. Or then I should simply blame the recipes.

Been trying to test out a few things from my school book. It has recipes for all the basic doughs, I just have to cut the amounts to fit them into a home oven. I’m of course missing all the special add-ons, which make the bakery breads all crispy and chewy. Should ask from my boss if I could buy/take some of those powders home for testing.

Sourdough I managed to catch already. It was about to be trashed but I saved it. Been feeding it now with simple 50% rye flour to 50% water mixture. Looks lively, but smells too sweet. Could be contaminated with yeast. And it comes anyway from some kind of ready-bough-started-mix – my workmate lectured me long about it, but I still didn’t understand enough… Have to see how they make it, so I really know what’s in it.

Well, despite not knowing it’s history too well, I already baked bread with it. It made me a rye bread, being a rye sourdough and me using more than 50% of rye flour in the dough. It’s funny though, that Germans are taught to use sourdough in rye breads only. So stands in my book at least and I have also received some curious looks at the bakery explaining them about my wheat flour sourdough. So is the world different.

And the rye bread I made – I let the loaves proof too long after shaping… and so scooping them out of banneton onto the oven pan kinda made them loose their structure. And they tasted like rye bread, flavor of which I’m still learning to like.


Ps. Got school again, we’ll soon get to bake in the class as well – starting with simple muffins. Our group decided on macadamia-chocolate ones, we’ll see next week how they turn out. Oh, and my classmates have discovered a game called Angry Birds – yes, it’s only now hitting in here.

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I’m used to making a party out of every possible holiday, and therefore couldn’t resist buying a pumpkin for me to carve. It’s now cheering up our house. So small compared to the ones from my Mother’s garden, but cutie all the same.

Made me so happy to realize someone else having lit it up once the candles we placed had burned out. Guess the others like it too, then!

And the pumpkin served also another purpose. After trying out a bit too venturous cauliflower chocolate cake (for some reason I was left to eat it alone..), I went for a traditional pumpkin bread. So delicious, it’s a guarantee recipe from my Mother, another good one to post here as well. We’ll see when I get to that, still two nights of work left…

Doing good at work by the way, I’ve learned loads of new stuff – and my boss told me to choose some free pieces of cakes to take home with me, being such a good worker, I am.


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I have Autumn holiday from school for two weeks now – if one can call it a holiday. Instead of school I have to work, and lucky me has ten nights in a row. Perhaps I’ll finally learn to go to bed early enough.

All in all I’m doing good. Had some three days free and been baking like I was at work. Made breadrolls with cheese, some real focaccia, loaves with all sorts of seeds, caramel slices (picture under, those were delicious and how could they not have been, with so much yumminess in them.. a bit messy looking though, I’m no chocolate expert) and of course melon bread. For melon bread I’ll be sharing some more pics and a recipe once I get it together.

Got some food from work again. What else can one do with a cauliflower but gratinate it? Any ideas?

That’s it for now, gotta head to bed!


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