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Been sick lately. Coughing and blowing my nose. It seems like a never ending story.

I’ve been baking spite that, though. But nothing so blog worthy. Just basic things.

One funny test I did do. I wanted to under-knead and over-knead the dough, and see how it would affect the baking results. Well, under-kneading was easy. The under-kneaded baguette is on the left, it was clearly smaller and the flavor of the yeast came through.


Over-kneading then again. Well, the middle one was supposed to be optimal kneaded, but I think the “overkneaded” one on the right was actually the best one of these. I had it kneading in the machine for half an hour, and then even kneaded it further by hand. Blah. Impossible to tear apart that gluten net. Too good flour.

Finally started Christmas baking. Made gingerbread dough today. Be baking it tomorrow. Without snow it’s difficult to understand how soon Santa will be here… Only two weeks, or less.


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Survived the week among Germans. Well, yeah, I do live among them, but I’ve never before actually lived with any of them. But sharing a room of three beds was actually fun, got along great and mostly understood what was going on. But best part in Hannover was of course the baking. So, here’s some documentation.



Made braided loaves. Many sorts. So pretty. Can’t wait to try making these again.


We made so many bread rolls, and all kinds. But got to eat only one, for they had disappeared while we had a lecture in the other room. Such a shame, wanted to taste them…


And a lot of sourdough bread. Also one with white sourdough, ciabatta. That one I liked, and the others… Well, they looked amazing, I give them that. But German rye sourdough bread. Or any rye sourdough bread. Not really my thing, to be honest. But I did like baking them.

In making


Last day we made puff pastry. Pasteten (like the one’s I made before leaving) and sweet pastries with cherry and pudding filling. Really yummy, and puffy.

Also made ice-creams and snacks, but from those I don’t have that good pictures. But I guess everyone knows how vanilla ice-cream looks like so, not a big loss there.



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Gone all next week! Going to Hannover, we have a week long seminar there in the baker academy. Better be a good one, and a yummy one, too.

Been baking, this and that. Cookies, bread rolls with seeds, archipelago bread is in the oven right now. Made something absolutely gorgeous, too. With my friend, puff pastry, we created humm.. pastries. Pasteten in German. Filled with tuna. And air, so much air!




I think I’ve mastered that dough, next should learn to make choux pastry. And after that Hippenmasse, ’cause the name is so cute and weird.


Ps. Keyboard is fixed. Thanks to the darling. ❤

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Huh, I’ve had quite the bake off this week. Gone all crazy, I see it now, looking at the pics of all the things I’ve baked. But I can’t help it, and why should I. Nothing bad about baking a few croissants, two loaves of bread, angel cake, mole cake and a lye-cheese baguette. Oh yes, not to forget these egg custard tarts, inspired by my oh-so-lovely great british bake off. Those actually were an answer to the need of having some cinnamon that I had, for I replaced the nutmeg in the recipe with cinnamon. Served with apple jam and ta-da, had the perfect treat to celebrate the arrival of the autumn.

Egg custard tart

Well, that recipe left me with a bunch of egg whites, and not feeling like meringues, had to find something else to make. So, made a cake I had actually never eaten before, angel food cake. It’s a funny one, like no other cake. The structure is so fluffy and then again it seems so springy when cutting it… But it worked, though I made only half the portion. Otherwise I would have needed 10 egg whites, and that many even I didn’t have left over.

Among others

Then there was one more cake. The mole-cake. I always thought it was called mole cake ’cause the berries in it looked like moles or something, but no. Actually, it’s the surface of the cake that looks like a mole hole, like the dirt around it after all the digging. Well, in my blonde version of the cake the mole has been clearly digging in some sandy beach or something or then we have to go with my first explanation. Hmm, oh but I wanted to make a non-choco one, for in my world chocolate and berries are a no-go. But all in all, this cake is super delicious (still got some, yay!). I used blueberries instead of cherries in mine, for I got some from work, and they go well with banana, too.

Eat dirt!

Huh, wonder what inspires me next week, but I have a bad feeling about it. Something must definitely be baked.


Ps. It’s been a while, since I posted a pic of Tiuku, but it seems that today I did. No, didn’t mean the cat hairs on the bakings, there was a bit more than that this time.

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