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Huh, I’ve had quite the bake off this week. Gone all crazy, I see it now, looking at the pics of all the things I’ve baked. But I can’t help it, and why should I. Nothing bad about baking a few croissants, two loaves of bread, angel cake, mole cake and a lye-cheese baguette. Oh yes, not to forget these egg custard tarts, inspired by my oh-so-lovely great british bake off. Those actually were an answer to the need of having some cinnamon that I had, for I replaced the nutmeg in the recipe with cinnamon. Served with apple jam and ta-da, had the perfect treat to celebrate the arrival of the autumn.

Egg custard tart

Well, that recipe left me with a bunch of egg whites, and not feeling like meringues, had to find something else to make. So, made a cake I had actually never eaten before, angel food cake. It’s a funny one, like no other cake. The structure is so fluffy and then again it seems so springy when cutting it… But it worked, though I made only half the portion. Otherwise I would have needed 10 egg whites, and that many even I didn’t have left over.

Among others

Then there was one more cake. The mole-cake. I always thought it was called mole cake ’cause the berries in it looked like moles or something, but no. Actually, it’s the surface of the cake that looks like a mole hole, like the dirt around it after all the digging. Well, in my blonde version of the cake the mole has been clearly digging in some sandy beach or something or then we have to go with my first explanation. Hmm, oh but I wanted to make a non-choco one, for in my world chocolate and berries are a no-go. But all in all, this cake is super delicious (still got some, yay!). I used blueberries instead of cherries in mine, for I got some from work, and they go well with banana, too.

Eat dirt!

Huh, wonder what inspires me next week, but I have a bad feeling about it. Something must definitely be baked.


Ps. It’s been a while, since I posted a pic of Tiuku, but it seems that today I did. No, didn’t mean the cat hairs on the bakings, there was a bit more than that this time.

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Slowly the autumn is drawing in, slowly. Today it’s finally raining, and can already count a few yellow leaves. Now just waiting for it to cool down a bit more, and then finally, finally, I can say my favorite season has arrived. The fall.

Surprisingly, these last summer days, I’ve been baking. Too much at work, and too much at home. Can’t help it. So, I’ve made different kinds of baguettes…

Pizza time!

These tasted like pizza, and yummy so. Put quite a few spices into the dough; paprika, cayenne, pizza spice mixture, basil, and topped with fine grated hard cheese.

Lye baguette

These I dipped into lye solution, also, lye baguettes they be. Just love lye bakings, so delicious.

Hand painted buns

Then I made hot-dog baguettes! No, kidding you, just basic hot-dog buns, for we ate hot-dogs. Love this rich dough, with butter and milk. It’s good.

Those cookies

I’ve made a few sweet things, too. These cookies, again. This time filled with apple jam and glazed with lemon icing. Powder sugar on top. They are delicious, though, I actually wanted to bake something with apple and cinnamon, and now I didn’t, so that somehow bothers me still. Oh well, sounds like I have to bake something like that next time, also soon, perhaps tomorrow, then.


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Finally enjoying the freedom and sunshine, after such a long week at work. Been there more days in a row before, but never with this few people around. Huh, but sometime next week there ought to be new trainee starting. Finally someone for me to boss around, ha!

Carlos also started his training as a plumber last week, and has so far been collecting great feedback for doing such a good job. Really happy about it all.

As for baking, I got me a baguette baking tray this week. Makes them real crunchy on the bottom and not too long, so finally they fit in my oven. No more rainbows.

Baguette tray

Baked some carrot cake, too, for I got some carrots from work. Also the deco-carrots are from work, for nobody wanted to use them.

Lots of frosting

Last but not least, I made some ravioli pasta with pesto cream cheese and sun-dried tomato filling, served with bacon wrapped champions, which were stuffed with black pepper cream cheese. Was a yummy lunch, so fine dine.

Home made


Now looking forward to taking Tiuku on a bike ride, long time since the last one. Hope she still knows how to ride it, and I know how to ride with her.


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Now that we would need that lake next to us, it’s gone. Also, flooding is over and sun is finally shining here, too. Hope the warm days are here to stay. I mean it’s already June so c’mon!

Piece with a beret

Well, maybe baking summery things helps. Made a classic. Or two of them. And both very popular here in Germany. The first one is a Frankfurter kranz. Delicious, I’ve learned to enjoy using butter cream instead of whipped cream. Don’t know if that’s healthy development, but oh, butter cream has so much more flavor in it.

And my Bosch!

The other classic baking were Florentine biscuits. Made them on a baking pan, so got a whole bunch of them now. Surprisingly inexpensive and simple to make.

Florentine biscuits

So, gotta note both the recipes down for me. And next time I’ll be posting a recipe here, too. Jeez, I’ve become such a cake maker. But sourdough is building up, so soon I’ll be back to some serious bread business. No worries.


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It’s been raining so much that I’ve been waiting to find a primadonna stuck up on a tree or something. Well – only stuck-up thing we got here is Tiuku. And she surely loves trees.

I'm going

No, but for real. It’s been flooding. So, how about…


…taking the train?


…playing some football?


…letting your horses pasture?


…crossing the bridge?


…or being a snail?

Still managed to make my way to the bakery, but right after it the street was cut ’cause of the flood as well. They say this happens once in a hundred years or so – meaning that the last time was eleven years ago.

Been baking too, hey! Made something complicated – and succeeded – and failed. Well, tempering the chocolate clearly went wrong with these, for they got such a many grey spots all over. But making marshmallow absolutely paid off. Tastes like the real deal!


Also, these hearts are my version of teacakes (the recipe for the marshmallow filling is at least worth of trying out). Didn’t have such half moon silicon forms, but the hearts worked amazingly o.k.. Definitely making these again, so much fun and trouble!


Bread is there too. Didn’t see so much trouble making it, for it’s once again baked in a form. This time with wholemeal flour, though.



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Bicycle bicycle bicycle! We rode over 30kms with Tiuku today, without problems. She’s learned to enjoy traveling in her basket, charming people as we pass by. Next time I promise we take a camera with us, too. Should post some pics of this gaga cat.


Had baked some pretzels to take with us. This time a few with cheese as well. Very yummy.


And then being inspired by the Great British Bake Off I had to make fondant fancies. Made my own fondant and all, lots of this and that to do with the recipe. But oh, the best part was definitely the sponge. Having so much sugar being baked so long Рit smelled like caramel as I took it out of oven. Mmm.. Next I want to give a go making teacakes. Seems like a nice challenge as well.


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Made lye pretzels – at home. Took some lye solution (NaOH) with me from work, so now I can have my fingers corroded at home too. And on the side create yummy stuff. It takes a lot of precautions, but it’s worth it. Lye stuff is so delicious. But I do still have a thing or two to learn.

Have to eat the freezer empty, so I can start freezing the pretzels before dipping them. Works a lot better that way, can’t smash them then that easy. Served them of course with asparagus soup, for it’s spring and Germany after all (and I got such a bunch of asparagus with me from work).

Before proofing

I celebrated my birthday too. With Tiuku, had such a party here. Carlos will find the apartment in such a chaos when we return.. Return from Finland, yes! Carlos is there already, I’ll be flying on Wednesday. How lovely, it was becoming too warm here anyway.

Oh, made a rolled cake for me – something little. Decorated it with whipped cream with a hint of rose sugar on the top and filled with German butter-cream and mint-raspberry-jam. What a luxury.

Happy birthday to me



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