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I’ve dedicated too much time for eating the bakings instead of shooting and posting about them. Well, here goes. Finally some sweet spring bakes!


Home-made puff pastry baked with vanilla-pudding in the middle and topped with fresh, sweet strawberries! Totally delicious! Brushed with boiled apricot jam for the extra shine.


More strawberries! This time in the form of a pie. Got it even out the form without it crumbling all into pieces! Mmm.. it was very scrumptious.


Been practicing. How to work with fondant and suddenly my kitchen is full of these fondant working tools.; little cutters, food-colors, brushes, silicon rolling pins and god-knows-what. Well, this was one of the too-many-test-cakes-could-not-eat-them-all and yeah… Next weekend I ought to be ready for the real deal. It won’t look anything like this, though, I promise.


Today I went to a lye-baking-course. Was so good. Like one of those TV-cooking-shows only live. And so you would get to eat everything in the end without having to lift up your finger. And could take as much with you as you could carry, too. Oh, and the best part was that it was even interesting! Six hours passed faster than on any school lecture.


They also showed us some snacks. So important for us bakers to produce these, they say. Well, I find them super yummy, so wouldn’t be a wonder if our customers did, too. Should offer more stuff like this! Though, with the broccoli one on the front I wasn’t quite convinced with.. Maybe with asparagus or paprika instead.

Hope the summer will be as delicious.. since it finally seems to have arrived!

Marika ~


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Better than your average hobbit, been there and back again, oh so manieth time this year. Finland, I think I’ll make it once more this year. Still six unused holiday days, but if my luck doesn’t work it’s wonders, I think it will be yet another Christmas in Germany. But let’s get over with Halloween first, before we start thinking about Santa. Well, kinda did that already, or why else would there have been so many pumpkins?

Everybody make yours!

Came back with cranberries, and in no time had they turned into a cake. Was too impatient with the layers, though, and everything mixed into a lovely pink mess. Waah, I may never learn.


Many other cakes have appeared, too. Today I met one, actually four small ones, with kiwis and butter-cream inside them. I was too impatient once again, though, as I used fridge cold butter for my butter-cream. But at least I had the patience to let the custard cool properly this time. Maybe next time I’ll do it all properly.

Little cakes

Macaroons worked out. Well, spite the air-pockets inside that do bug me. Even if I banged the tray against the table a dozen times. But otherwise, quite nice. Filled with blackberry jam, yum yum.

Blue daba dii

Bread has been baked, too. Some archipelago loaves and one with quite a bit of quark. Everything works.


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Our sunshine

What’s that stain in front of Tiuku? Oh, it’s just some soy. I mean Soy, that’s him. A little boy, from animal shelter, to annoy, I mean to keep company for Tiuku, so they can enjoy their life together. And they do.

My chair

Soy is a bit shy, but Tiuku is quite the encouraging example, so he’s becoming braver by the hour. They love to play (all night) and sleep (all day). Tiuku loves the company, she really needed the friend. And Soy seems happy, too, taking over all Tiuku’s usual sleeping spots, so she has to keep finding new ones. (Found him this morning with Tiuku from Tiuku’s box next to the kitchen window – Tiuku’s box that used to be my bread basket..).

So tired

Cake is a lie

So, have a big family to bake for now. Made us some cheese and ham bread rolls and a cake. Cake is a total lie, calling for a walnut and carrot cake. Ha, it’s a marzipan baumkuchen. And yeah, looks a bit frozen, ’cause it is, for I’m flying. On Wednesday. To Finland. So excited and happy. Actually the rolls got frozen, too. They are for Carlos while I’m away. Something to take to work as a little snack.

Cheese and ham

So, but I shall do some packing now, or petting, or something.


My chair now

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Hot in here

Huh, I hardly ever sweat though I’m working next to two big ovens but jeez.. for the past week the temperature has reached over 30°C daily and gosh, I’ve learned to sweat. And I’ve also learned to drink water. It’s been so hot.

For the heat, haven’t been baking that much then either. Some pretzels, and today we ate bagels. Made also a cake, really messy one. Cheesecake with Dooley’s and chunks of cookie dough. All in all – everything very delicious, but not too photogenic.


Really hope it cools down, it’s tough baking at this weather. Everything proofs so quickly and all filling creams and fondants become too runny to work with. Autumn, where are thou?!

And haven’t been taking Tiuku out either, she is already enough gooey just being in here. But she is enjoying her new summertime hobby, catching and eating all the various bugs, which find their way in here. Our little bug buster.


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