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I’ve dedicated too much time for eating the bakings instead of shooting and posting about them. Well, here goes. Finally some sweet spring bakes!


Home-made puff pastry baked with vanilla-pudding in the middle and topped with fresh, sweet strawberries! Totally delicious! Brushed with boiled apricot jam for the extra shine.


More strawberries! This time in the form of a pie. Got it even out the form without it crumbling all into pieces! Mmm.. it was very scrumptious.


Been practicing. How to work with fondant and suddenly my kitchen is full of these fondant working tools.; little cutters, food-colors, brushes, silicon rolling pins and god-knows-what. Well, this was one of the too-many-test-cakes-could-not-eat-them-all and yeah… Next weekend I ought to be ready for the real deal. It won’t look anything like this, though, I promise.


Today I went to a lye-baking-course. Was so good. Like one of those TV-cooking-shows only live. And so you would get to eat everything in the end without having to lift up your finger. And could take as much with you as you could carry, too. Oh, and the best part was that it was even interesting! Six hours passed faster than on any school lecture.


They also showed us some snacks. So important for us bakers to produce these, they say. Well, I find them super yummy, so wouldn’t be a wonder if our customers did, too. Should offer more stuff like this! Though, with the broccoli one on the front I wasn’t quite convinced with.. Maybe with asparagus or paprika instead.

Hope the summer will be as delicious.. since it finally seems to have arrived!

Marika ~

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Some weeks ago I visited my friend’s bakery in order to learn how to make croissants (we don’t make them). Got some good tips and recipes to try out. Absolutely fell in love with the idea of mixing the butter, which gets laminated in the dough, with some flour in order to make it more workable. Wanna keep trying that method. And also thought the way they squeezed the ends of the ready croissants together was quite cute (like in the picture). These I made at home now, just became a bit too small in the end. Want bigger croissants! But the taste, was delicious.

Croissant breeding

Been making more fancy cakes too. This one with cherries, chocolate basis,  kirsch mousse (alkohol), chocolate mousse and some marzipan (like all the cakes in Germany). Was quite sophisticated and deluxe, indeed.

The Confectionery I call home

Then I made a monster bread. Decided to spray it with some lye. Ha! Looks so funny. And I still can do the plaits!

It was the monster bread

Now testing some baguettes.


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Though these things were only not seen by me, but also baked and eaten by me. Unluckily, pics are the only thing I can share here. (And recipes – yes, yes, someday).


Made a chocolate mousse cake. Been a while, so. And wanted to decorate a cake, so. But my Bavarian cream somewhat failed. Guess I worked too warm pudding into the whipped cream. Always too impatient. Luckily the wafer cookies make it look more impressive. So worked like a real pro, using ready made decorations. That’s why it looks so pro, too.


These cookies turned out cute, again. The recipe works. Tried a different nozzle, filled them with nougat and even rolled a few in chocolate sprinkles. Had fun playing.


Made an almond vanilla cake, it ought to be a Spanish one. Quite yummy, the marzipan really comes through. But nothing so special, that I’d note the recipe.

Lye bakings

Still a baker, too. Inspired by Hannover, I made einstrangzopfen (it means that shape, a braid made with one string of dough) at home. But not out of your average white dough. Mine were, of course, dipped in lye. We love that stuff.



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Sigh, poured coffee on my laptop and now I’m waiting for a new keyboard to arrive.

Been baking lots of cheesecakes. Tried out a recipe from here, fell in love, and now just trying to work it even further. Making spider webs and hearts on top. Just keep making my berry mixture too thick with potato starch, so it kinda separates from the cheesecake during the bake. But next time I’ll get it. Hopefully.

Not so pretty

Baked a different kind of bread, too. One with only wholemeal spelt flour and a lot of sesame, flax and sunflower seeds. Quite yummy, probably too healthy, though.

Spelt and seeds

Also had a fried visiting from Finland. Was very pleasant. Got some super cute cake forms to try. Just gotta figure out what to make, another cheesecake? Huh.


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