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Baguettes time! I never learn, do I? Guess I should use a measuring tape when forming my baguettes. Now I ended up with a rainbow bread. Oh ja, taste is still good. Structure… I never get it as bubbly as I’d like with baguettes. Served them with pesto, mozzarella and homemade kebab. Kebab making was a fun process, just more spices next time. Structure was just like it should be. Yum yum.


Made some cake with caramelized almond topping. We Finns call it toscakakku, tosca cake. So much butter and sugar, huh. Of course it’s delicious, dangerously delicious.

My first

Greetings from Tiuku, too. Taking good care of her, got her a little climbing tree, too. Just 2,6m.

Gotta get some days off to bake more. Or less, depends how you look at it


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Went to Finland and back again, everybody is sick or making a holiday at work. Zzz. It’s been a week, but I think today’s day off saved me. Feeling back to my usual self. Well, quite. I’m now somewhat-a-mother after all. Got us a cat. Tiuku.


Shes’ a lot of fun, though. Very relaxed and easy going. I love especially playing hide-and-seek with it, or hide-and-scare. The idea is to hide somewhere in the apartment and then one goes looking for the other. When you spot each other, you scream – Tiuku has also learned to scream – and then run away and hide again somewhere. Yeah, I think we’ll get along with one another. Thank you sis, for taking so good care of her. And now I understand, why you don’t miss the mornings…

Had some time to bake, too. Made a beast. Boah – was wondering about the “4 teaspoons of baking powder into a one cake” -recipe.


Turned it into beauty, though. And it’s delicious, even with a half a bottle of Egg liqueur in it. Amazed how mild the taste turned out to be, for I was afraid I’d had to trash the whole thing. No worries, this one is more than eatable.


Tried making some bunnies, too. Easter it’s on it’s way after all. Think I want to fix my recipe. Would like bigger bunnies and maybe somewhat a saltier dough. Something to do, something to do. Now sleep, tonight I gotta bake for someone else again.



Ps. Don’t be fooled by the pics. It’s -5 and snow here. Greatness.

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It’s been another really yummy week, I mean last week. Had the time to make croissants. Tried yet again another recipe, this time from Top with cinnamon. Worked great, really crispy ones. I think each time I’m getting better at making them. Had couple chocolate ones, too, and a few with nutella, for I ran out of chocolate. All very delicious.

Bread I made too. This week bread rolls. Carlos wished for sesame and roasted onion. So, used the rest of the roasted onion for the dough, topped the rolls with sesame. Got them out of oven a while ago, unfortunately after brushing my teeth. Well, hope they are yummy, get to breakfast them tonight before going to work.


Also have an Oreo and maple-syrup gelatine-cheesecake in the fridge. That shall be my breakfast when I get back from work. Actually wanted to go for Oreo and mint, but didn’t find anything with mint from my supermarket. Was looking for this green mint jam/jello, which I know from Finland. Well, for the next cheesecake then, something to hunt for.


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Feel like I’ve been baking and cooking all week long. Got two boxes of fruits and veggies from work inside a week. That’s a lot of cauliflower, and apples just keep gathering up, too. And freezer and fridge are full. Had another meat doughnut baking day. And made my favorites, Spritzkuchen, at the same. They are fried choux pastry with powder sugar icing. Super yummy, love them. So nice bubbly structure. And my homemade ones worked out splendid, given that I’m not a choux pastry master. This time only problem was not having a big enough star nozzle for my piping bag, so had to make them with a plain one. Made cookies from excess dough I grabbed with me from work. Something was still left for a picture.

Two to go

Hoping to manage a bread tomorrow, don’t wanna leave my yeast crying in the fridge. I mean, all this crazy cooking does have a purpose, right? Carlos needs to survive while I’m off to Finland. From the reserve I’ve prepared one could assume me staying for long. Well, knowing that he’ll be four days alone in the deathly cold of Germany (we’ve even had up-to -2°C, c’mon!), has surely inspired me for running my own little restaurant here.

Now I’m just inspired to sleep. Feels like the last hours of something proper, next time I’ll be truly snoring at my sisters couch.

’till I’ve gone there and back again, Marika~

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Been feverly reading this one holy book lately. At least it’s holy to my fellow baker who borrowed it for me. He is quite fresh out of school himself, and having done his baker education in the South of Germany, he’s learned somethings different. And he seems to consider me smart (or then I just want to read it so), so he’s given me these books to check out. And they are nice, quite simple German as well. And pictures always say so much, too.

Baked Twist

And I saw a picture. Of a toast bread, different toast bread methods. Wanted to try out the twist one right away. Attached my own extra twist to it with the sesame seeds. It’s delicious how one finds yummy seeds from inside, too. Worked with quite a dry dough, 250g milk to 450g flour. Used 14g of fresh yeast (that’s what I happened to have), 20g of sugar, 10g of salt (bit too much ’cause…) and 20g of liquid butter (…butter was so salty too). It’s so soft, so white. Could almost call it a toast bread, though I’m missing all the flour and dough improvers, which would make it stay good long enough for it to be called toast bread. Ah, but it’s almost gone, so who needs that now.

Proofed Twist

Made a cheesecake from the book as well. A bit too soft, too moist. Should use less milk, or then tougher quark. Needs a bit of improving for my liking. Not that I wouldn’t like it, just not as perfect as I’d like. I’ve made better ones, never a perfect one, yet.



TooWikipedia: Too (styled in lowercase as too) is the fourth album from Fantastic Plastic Machine and the follow-up to beautiful.

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I guess all the Christmas baking I did last weekend satisfied me for a while, for I haven’t come up with anything so massive this week. Got to bake the final muffins for our muffin-project at school. They surely were brightly decorated, but still tasted quite yummy. Guess our guests thought so, too, for they were the first ones to run out. And I had to present them – new challenge keeping a presentation auf Deutsch, short one luckily, but still…

Got a bunch of veggies from work again. Inspired me for pita breads! They are so fast to make and always a success, don’t know why I don’t make them more ofter. Perhaps they are already too simple. Ate some kebab with them. Yup, still have a thing or two to learn about life in Germany if I’m making my own pita kebabs. And this recipe I promise to post, been too long since I posted a recipe, anyway.

Another simple baking was a pumpkin pie. Made the filling into freezer ages ago, and finally had the chance to use it. Recipe called for a flaky pastry, and that is one of those things best bought from store. One day I’ll learn how to make a good one, for we do make it ourselves at the bakery. For now, I’m still too newbie for that. Pie is a bit weird, definitely still eatable. Just think the freezing didn’t do any good for the pumpkin. Fresh would have been better. But it was my first pumpkin pie, after all.

Don’t have any baking ideas for next week yet. We’ll see what will inspire me. At school we’ll start our gingerbread project next. Will learn to make a Lebkuchen-Hexenhaus the German way. Yeah, gingerbread houses are called witch’s houses over here.


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I have Autumn holiday from school for two weeks now – if one can call it a holiday. Instead of school I have to work, and lucky me has ten nights in a row. Perhaps I’ll finally learn to go to bed early enough.

All in all I’m doing good. Had some three days free and been baking like I was at work. Made breadrolls with cheese, some real focaccia, loaves with all sorts of seeds, caramel slices (picture under, those were delicious and how could they not have been, with so much yumminess in them.. a bit messy looking though, I’m no chocolate expert) and of course melon bread. For melon bread I’ll be sharing some more pics and a recipe once I get it together.

Got some food from work again. What else can one do with a cauliflower but gratinate it? Any ideas?

That’s it for now, gotta head to bed!


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