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Random cat

Survived the weekend – and our little brave Tiuku had survived as well. Just needs a lot of love now, and talks to us even more than before. Too bad both the people who looked after her realized that they are most probably allergic to cats. Good that they hadn’t agreed Tiuku to sleep over at their place. Would have been a torture. But they are still willing to look after her in the future, in case needed.

Thank you!

Made a little thank you cake for them. Took inspiration from the recipe for King Haakon’s cake, for I’ve been anyway wanting to try it out for a while now. Made also some cookies, so that I don’t forget how to. They seemed happy about them.


Today I baked us a bread with some oatmeal. I’m hoping this one to last for a while longer for yesterday’s onion bread has already all been eaten. Turned out quite pretty. It’s so easy to make rustic looking loaves by shaping them with flour, so that the bottom is left unsealed. Then letting them rise shortly with the floury side down, and then just turning loaves around before tucking into oven. Ta-da, the crust cracks so prettily.

Oh, and tonight I gotta remember how to bake for someone else again, think I’ll manage..


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Been trying lots of new stuff this week. Stole a cookies recipe from my bakery, and now I finally know how to make piped shortcrust pastry cookies that keep their shape during baking. Yay, love them! Been trying to find a working recipe for these for ages.

Sea of cookies

Then I baked donuts for 1st of May is on it’s way after all. This time I made the cake like ones with baking powder, also not with yeast this year. Used the recipe from here (only in Finnish), and they turned out to be amazingly a lot like donuts. Even Carlos approves. Glazed them with chocolate.


Since I already was frying the donuts, I fried some meat doughnuts, too. Recipe still works. And I did bake bread too, rolls this time. Plaited them, to give them a nice shape. Turned out to be cute. Think they’d also work well being dipped in lye, for I also took some lye home from work. Yum yum.


We also carried out some animal tests this week. We’ve been taking Tiuku out for walks for a while now, after purchasing an 8-meter-flexi it has been going really smooth. The other day we walked altogether 4 kms with her, half of which she walked on her own. And then today we took her biking with us! That worked as well, she was traveling in a basket on front of my bike. She is an amazing creature, gotta love her.

Evening walk


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Easter – that’s somewhat a milestone for the Summer on its way, right? Sun was shining today, and today it didn’t snow. It even felt warm in the sunshine, and I’m almost over with my flue. T-shirt weather is gonna be here sooner than I think.. ..or then I’ll catch another flue in believing so. Oh well. Whatever the weather, I’ve baked.

This year the new Easter thing I tried was challah. Guess I was inspired by all the braiding we did in our bakery. You see, I worked the last week like crazy decorating cookies, so I didn’t actually get to braid anything. Had to do it at home then. My challah turned out to be like pulla without sugar. Without a lot of flavor, actually. Carlos liked it. Well me too, once I covered it with delicious cream cheese and ham or fried it on a pan with eggs. Good basis for yummy breakfast, I guess, but not a bread to enjoy as plain.

Made also pasha, as always. Made a chocolate cake, which had nothing to do with Easter. Made garlic bread, and this one I even managed to photograph as you can see below. Tomorrow I’ll make a pie with quark and peaches. Now I’m making an oatmeal bread.

Garlic bread

Hope this sun keeps on shining. The whole of Germany is sick of snow, believe me in that.


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Baguettes time! I never learn, do I? Guess I should use a measuring tape when forming my baguettes. Now I ended up with a rainbow bread. Oh ja, taste is still good. Structure… I never get it as bubbly as I’d like with baguettes. Served them with pesto, mozzarella and homemade kebab. Kebab making was a fun process, just more spices next time. Structure was just like it should be. Yum yum.


Made some cake with caramelized almond topping. We Finns call it toscakakku, tosca cake. So much butter and sugar, huh. Of course it’s delicious, dangerously delicious.

My first

Greetings from Tiuku, too. Taking good care of her, got her a little climbing tree, too. Just 2,6m.

Gotta get some days off to bake more. Or less, depends how you look at it


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