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Had some spare time and ended up to this blog page – and therefore just couldn’t resist trying out those myself, Bunny bread rolls!

This recipe is originally via the linked page, but here’s my version in more Finnish measurements. Some pics can be found in my gallery, too.

Bunny bread rolls – makes 24 little bunnies

6dl               White flour

2tbs             Sugar

1ts               Salt

200g          Sour cream

0,5dl          Water 

2tbs            Butter

20g             Fresh yeast

Black peppers

1. Measure the dry ingredients in to a bowl.

2. Measure the sour cream, water and butter in to a pot and heat up on a mild heat ’till hand warm.

3. Dissolve the fresh yeast into the liquid and add this into the dry ingredients

4. Knead ’till smooth and let the dough rest covered for an hour.

5. Having rested, knead a bit to puff the bubbles and divide into 24 equal pieces. They’ll be quite small.

6. Form the pieces into oval shaped balls, like easter eggs, and cover again.

7. Put the oven to heat up to 225°C.

8. Let the rolls rest for about 15 minutes. As it took so long for me even to shape them, I begun working with the first ones almost immediately when I got the last one done.

9. Make the ears and eyes row by row. First cut the ears with scissors. Then make eye holes e.g. with a chopstick. Put little black peppers into the holes and tuck deeper with the chopstick. Move on to the next row, and cover the ones that are done.

10. Check that all bunnies have their eyes inside and ears enough down. Place them to bake into 225°C oven, middle-level for about 10-15 minutes ’till nice and gold. You can use fan to help in the end.

11. Take ’em out and enjoy! You can place them round salad bowl and they’ll be super happy and cute! And just to mention, they tasted super good, too. Mmm..


Ps. Could own these for my mother, ‘since it’s Mothers’ day and she likes bunnies – did you spot the french lop?

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