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I think I got myself a real treasure when we once were cleaning the school’s closets: A Chinese cooking book written by Jin Cuihong. It’s lovely how the recipes actually do have something Asiatic about them – unlike the ones in Finnish food magazines..

Anyway, I mostly love reading about the meals that have something to do with dough. And so today I tried these sweet buns. It’s funny how they are like peeled pulla, just lacking the cardamom and salt. Try for yourself, they are fun to make and don’t require special ingredients.

Chinese steamed, sweet buns

300g         Wheat flour

200g         Luke warm milk

9g              Fresh yeast

30g            Sugar

1. Weight out the flour and sugar into a bowl.

2. Measure the water and yeast into another bowl and mix them. Add into the flour mixture.

3. Combine well by kneading. It should become harder than your average dough, but not to worry. When steaming, harder dough is handy, as it doesn’t go running around. Cover with a towel and leave to rest for 60 minutes.

4. After proofing, take the dough out on to a table and shape into a roll, about 5cm thick.

5. Cut the dough into 3 cm pieces. This should make about 5-6 chunks.

6. Place these into a pot, that has colander on the second layer – like this one. Then measure somewhat (half) a liter of water into the lower one, and place the colander part and the lid on top. Make sure the water doesn’t reach the buns. Turn on the heat, mid-level ought to be ok.

7. Steam the buns for 20-25 minutes, counting from water boiling.

8. Take the buns out and enjoy. I’d recommed some jam, maple suryp or hot chocolate to got with them!

Note – the pic on the book cover is another recipe, fried buns filled with pork.

Oh, and been lately trying other pulla-kind of creatures too, though my version of this monkey cake was somewhat a failure. Or then it just wasn’t my taste. And to give some color to the post, here’s a beautiful picture of some Finnish fruits (pears, apples and grapes) grown by my mother:


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