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Huh, another busy week behind – took part in organizing yet another happening (Tulevaisuuskylä) here in my home city. Lots of carrying heavy stuff around – counted over twenty bruises only in my right leg..

Anyway, been also having time to discover new fantastic breads, and so I shall present yet another recipe to you. It’s from a cute little bread book called “Leivo itse hyvää leipää” (Make good bread by yourself). Originally the recipes have been written down by our sweet western neighbors, Swedes, so all thanks to them.

This book is actually one of the few baking books I’ve ever bought myself, and haven’t really before understood the beauty of it. I’d say it lacks pictures, but now the variety of recipes charms me. Having concentrated so long in baking a bread with good structure, it’s refreshing to try out new flavours. Ok, but to the recipe:

Ethiopian thin bread – makes 10 or more mid-size breads

15 g         Fresh yeast

500 g     Cold water

180 g     Barley flour

315 g     Wheat flour

1 ts         Salt

1. Weight out the flours and salt into a bowl. The bowl ought to be quite big, as the dough rises a lot in the beginning.

2. Measure the water and yeast into another bowl and mix them. Add little by little into the flour mixture, trying to avoid lumps from forming.

3. Combine well by kneading. The dough will be quite wet, and you might have to mix it quite powerfully in order to gain a smooth dough. Cover the bowl well with cling film and leave to rest in room temperature for 1-2 days.

4. When starting to bake, heat up a frying pan. High-mid-heat should be fine, and no grease is needed.

5. Measure about a deciliter of dough on to the pan and spread evenly. Bake about two minutes per side. To me, the bread tastes better when it takes no color – even a few brown dots seem to give it a burned flavor.

6. Once your bread is baked, wrap it into a clean kitchen towel, and start working on the next one. A great way to spend the whole evening.. a bit like making pancakes.

Then enjoy, with soup or salad.. or you could even wrap some tuna inside. These breads have a delicious sour flavor in them, that I enjoy. Some might not. They are soft and chewy, too!

More pics can be found here.

Now making some hazelnut bread!


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