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Been using this pita bread recipe from my very first cooking book, the one I got from school being 13-year-old kid, for ages. It’s simply the best. This version of it makes 6 breads, but feel free to increase of decrease the amounts depending on your need. The recipe works always anyway, (for me at least).

First batch

Dough, makes six pita breads

355 g All-purpose white flour

225 g Water, lukewarm

30 g Fresh yeast

6 g Salt

8 g sugar

30 g Oil, canola

1. Begin by measuring  flour, salt and sugar into a bowl. Measure water and yeast into another bowl. Dissolve the yeast.

2. Pour the liquid through your fingers into the flour – this way you’ll catch the possible undissolved bits of yeast.

3. Then combine everything well together until there are no dry parts. Squeeze the dough trough your fingers to make sure there are no flour-lumps. If you want to save your hands from the trouble, using a kneading hook is possible as well. 

4. Then add the oil and knead again ’till you have a smooth dough. Cover with a cloth and let it rest in warm, room temperature ’till doubled.

5. Pour the dough onto a working surface. Knead it back into a ball and divide into six equal pieces (about 100g each). Form the pieces round.

6. Roll out the pieces into circles about ⌀ 15 cm. Place the circles onto a baking pan with baking paper. I usually bake them in two batches, 3 each time. Cover the breads.

7. Once you have rolled out all the breads, heat up the oven to 225°C. As soon as your oven is heated place the first tray of breads to bake in the middle. Bake ’till golden brown, about 10 minutes.

8. Then fill with kebab, grilled meat or simply with browned mincemeat, some salad and dressing. Fast and delicious food with bread, yum yum!


Dough out

Rolling out

Ready for oven

Second batch

Made also Finnish Schweinohren, Kanapee bakings. Worked out quite quite well. It’s funny tough, how different the German meaning for Kanapees is. They are like little salty sandwich snacks. Perhaps we’ve had some false translation in one cooking book or such. Well, kanapees will always be kanapees for me.



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