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As promised, I did have time to bake the Lapland bread, rieska, yesterday – another thing is the fact that I had no time to update the recipe here.. But you shall get it now!

Note! More pictures of the process are displayed on the Gallery-page

Dough, makes five nice size breads

200g          Fat-free buttermilk or just plain fat-free milk from fridge

55g             Boiling water

5g               Yeast

4g               Salt

25g             Soft brown sugar

110g           Barley flour (I replaced half with fine rye flour)

12,5g          Melted butter

240g           Wheat flour

1. Weight out all the ingredients. Mix the sourmilk and boiling water. Stir in the yeast, salt and sugar.

2. Mix the barley flour into the mixture. Then add the melted butter.

3. Mixing constantly “knead” slowly in the wheat flour. Cover the bowl well with a couple kitchen towels and leave it to proof for 1,5 hours.

4. As one hour has passed by, put the oven to heat up to 275°C with an oven tray or bakingstone inside on the bottom level.

5. After the proofing time, take your dough out on a floured workbench. Divide it into five equal balls.

6. Roll out the first one (about 0,5cm is good thickness) and stitch it with a fork. Be sure to do this well, or you’ll end up having pita-bread instead of rieska. While working on this one, keep the rest of the dough pieces well-covered to avoid them from drying.

7. Once done with the first one, place it into the oven and start working on the second one. Keep an eye on the one in the oven and if bubbles emerge, pop them with your fork.

8. Take your rieska out once it’s nicely golden-brown and dotted, about 3-4 minutes should do that. As it comes out, wrap it immediately inside a kitchen towel to keep it soft. Place the next one to bake, and roll out the third.

9. Keep the process going, ’till they are all baked. And if you just can fit them in your oven, nothing stops you from baking two at the time. Just keep the all-ready-rolled-out ones well covered, too.

10. Enjoy them while they are warm. Let some butter melt on top of them and enjoy – it’s delicious! Also jam, cheese or a hot-drink is something fabulous with this bread.


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