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The pig

So that anyone even stands a chance of baking this for Christmas, here comes the recipe for the Pig.

Note! More pictures of the process are displayed on the Gallery-page

Dough, makes one good piggy

250g          Mild water

53g             Syrup

20g             Fresh yeast

9g                Salt

80g             Fine rye flour (in Finnish: sihtiruisjauho)

320g           Wheat flour

1. Weight out the flours and salt into a bowl.

2. Weight out the water, syrup and yeast into another bowl and mix them. Add into the flour mixture.

3. Combine well by kneading, cover with a towel and leave to rest for 35 minutes.

4. After proofing, take a little bit (about 50g) of the dough aside and form a ball out of the rest.

5. Place the ball on top of a baking sheet and let it rest covered for 25 minutes.

6. On the meantime, you can roll out the dough taken aside, about 3mm should be a good thickness. Then with the help of a cookie shaper, an apple drill and a pizza slicer, you can form pig nose and ears out of it. The pic underneath shows you how they ought to be like. Cover also these, to avoid them from drying.

7. After the rest-time, attach the nose and ears. Take a little cup of water, and moist the parts from one-side. Glue them into the pig. Be sure you moisture the other ear so that it goes different way around.

8. Then with a chopstick or such make two little holes on the pig’s face for the eyes. Tuck raisins (deep) into the holes. Let the pig rest for another 35 minutes.

9. Put the oven and a tray to heat up to 220°C degrees.

10. When the time comes, slide the pig with the baking paper on top of the hot oven tray, and let them bake  on the low level for 15 minutes.

11. Then take them out to be brushed with syrup-water-mixture (1/3 syrup, 2/3 water) and tuck back into the oven. Now you can lower the heat to 200°C degrees.

12. Let the pig bake for another 15 minutes, ’till nice golden brown. Then take it out, let it cool a bit and enjoy.


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Ho-hoo! Guess who came to visit me – a whole family of pigs!
Here’s a family portrait;

And another;

And don’t tell the rest.. ..but I think I ate one of ’em!



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