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I seem to keep baking these all the time, so why not sharing the recipe!

Note! More pictures of the process are displayed on the Gallery-page

For making about 40 smaller (or 30 bigger) karelian pasties

Rice pudding for filling

6dl         Water

2,5dl     Rice pudding rice (Short grain white rice)

1l            Milk

1ts           Salt

Bring the water to boil. Add the rice and let it keep boiling ’till the water has absorved – don’t let it burn. Then add the milk and bring to boil again. Once boiling leave it to simmer on a low heat for about 30-35 minutes ’till it’s stiffer. Make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom – so stir occasionally. Once done, mix in the salt and leave to cool.


4,5 dl      Fine rye flour (in Finnish: sihtiruisjauho)

1dl           Wheat flour

1ts           Salt

2dl          Cold water

1tbs         Soft margarine

+ some milk and butter/margarine for coating

1. One the pudding has cooled, put the oven to heat up into 275°C.

2. Then measure the flours and salt into a bowl. Add the water and margarine and mix into a smooth dough.

3. Cut the dough into two halves and wrap the other one into cling film to avoid it from drying.

4. With the help of your palms roll the other half into a “snake” (about 3cm thick). Cut it into 15-20 pieces.

5. Having a pasta maker the next part is very easy – just flatten the pieces and roll them out with the machine. First on the size nro 3, then again on the nro 5. Always the longer edge first in to get them rounder.

Not having a pasta maker, use rolling pin. Roll each piece into a nice round/oval shaped figure (about 10-15cm Ø). Which ever method you use, be sure to use enough of the fine rye flour to avoid the pieces from sticking.

6. Once having rolled out the first batch, spread the rice pudding on the pieces (about 1tbs per each should do).  Then give them their shape by folding the edges on top of the filling. Use your thumb and middle finger to do this (e.g. the pic on top).

7. Having shaped the first round, bake them in the mid level for about 15 minutes, ’till the filling has caught a bit of color.

8. On the meantime heat up the milk and butter in a saucepan. Leave the pan on a low heat for it to stay warm. Prepare a bowl with a baking paper on in.

9. Once the pasties are ready, take them out and place close to your saucepan. With the help of a spatula soak the karelian pasties  immediately well into the milk-butter mixture and place into the bowl on top of one another. Once they all are coated, wrap the baking paper edges around them and place a couple of kitchen towels on top. Thus so that they won’t even get a chance to dry up.

10. And then enjoy.. But hey! There was still another batch of dough. Well, practice practice I said. So you get to repeat it all over again!

11. The good thing is that at least you got lot of yummines now to enjoy!


Ps. Do serve some munavoi to go with them, to make it worth the trouble.

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