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Well, despite my love for bread, I do have to admit.. ..it’s not the only thing I eat. I also eat beef, salad, apples, bunnies, etc. – and mushrooms!

This year has been an awful year for mushrooms, and to make it even worse I shall post here oh-so-yummy chanterelle pie recipe! Maybe next year we’ll have enough of those to make it – this time I was about to name it as “A pie with seven mushrooms”. But now to the recipe – and all credits to my mother, who has been succesfully making this pie for many years.. ..but still I serve it with my “little” variations;

Yellow chanterelle pie


6          Small/medium carrots – peeled, cooked, smashed and cooled

100g    Margarine

210g     Wheat flour (more or less)

1tsp       Salt

1tsp       Baking powder

1. Mix the dry ingredients. Add the margarine and mix together into “crums”.

2. Add the cooled, smashed carrots and mix  into a smooth dough.

3. Cover and place to the fridge.

4. Put the oven to heat up to 225°C degrees.


1/2 l      Chanterelles – cleaned and chopped roughly

1-2         Onions – finely chopped

150g     Créme fraíche (more or less)

50g       Grated semi-soft cheese

1tsp       Baking powder


1. Place the chanterelles on a pan with a bit of water. Cook on a high heat, ’till all the water has evaporated.

2. Add a bit of margarine and the fine onions. Cook on a medium heat, ’till the onions are nice and soft.

3. Spice to your flavour – very simple is the best; grill spice or something like “cubeb fond” ought to do fine. Or then just blackpepper and salt.

4. Add the créme fraíche.

Now take the dough out and with the help of flour place it to a pie mold (Ø 24cm). Put the filling on and grate the cheese on top. Bake on the lowest level for about 25-30 minutes, ’till good looking. Enjoy a lot!


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