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Being inspired by my mother, I decided to post the recipe for the Florentine biscuits, Florentines I’d simply call them. And why not sharing this, these are yummy, and do not require that much playing around with. Simply boil the ingredients together and bake. And these do resemble a lot the ones you can buy from bakeries and stores. Meaning to me, it’s a good recipe. So, to the recipe, more pics can be found here.

The final result

Florentines (makes 1 baking tray, mine are about 35cm x 45cm)

45g    honey
210g    sugar
45g    glucose syrup – I do not possess this, so I simply used light brown syrup, also not the dark one, anyway
75g    butter
150g    cream
330g    crushed and flaked almonds

and 150g milk/dark chocolate for icing

1. Measure all the other ingredients but the almonds into a pot. Warm up over a low heat, keeping an eye on the mixture and stirring it once in a while. The heat should be so high, though, that the mixture begins to boil. Allow it to boil for a while, it will somewhat thicken and turn slightly golden. Anyhow, do not let it turn darker brown or it will end up burning in the oven. If you do have a thermometer fit for the task, the optimal temperature for the mixture would be 112°C degrees.

2. Once the mixture has thickened, remove from the heat and stir in the almonds. Pour immediately onto an oven pan covered with oiled baking paper. Spread evenly, while you still can.

3. Bake in the middle of your oven, 190-210°C, ’till golden brown. Don’t burn it, also don’t let it out of your sight for over a minute. Then again, the longer the bake, the crispier result.

4. Remove the Florentines from the oven and slide the paper off from the tray, so that they don’t keep baking. Let the sheet cool. Once set, turn it carefully over, so that the smooth side is on the top. Remove the oily paper, and if you wish, you can already cut off some edges to taste…

5. Anyway, melt the chocolate in the microwave, or bain-marie-pot, whichever way you know how to. Pour the melted chocolate over the sheet of Florentines. Let the chocolate set overnight. Cut or break into pieces and enjoy! You can also cut the Florentines before coating them with chocolate, even while the sheet is still warm, and then coat them individually, like I did – check the pics, to see it better.

Have a happy weekend! Now I’m making caramel ice cream.. Hoping it doesn’t turn out to be too sweet.


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