Well, isn’t it that time again. To start a new happy healthy year. Though I didn’t make such promises, at least not officially, I still happened to make something to go with that theme. Bread with 100% wholemeal spelt and seeds.

The first thing I’ve ever made with spelt and spite all my prejudices it’s delicious. I’m such a white wheat bread eater that even baking with spelt is a huge step for me. But it worked out, yay! So, enjoy the recipe.

Dough, makes either one big, two small or one and a half medium breads (100% wholemeal spelt)

40g   Fresh yeast
400g   Water, lukewarm
10g   Salt
10g   Syrup, dark

50g   Sunflower seeds
50g   Flax seeds, brown
50g   Sesame seeds
500g   100% Wholemeal spelt flour

More seeds to cover the bread

Grease the bread forms. Pour some seeds on your working table, or onto a deep plate and mix them (this is for covering later). Make the dough: Dissolve the yeast, salt and syrup into the water and combine with the wholemeal flour and seeds.The dough is not knead-able, so just mix it ’till everything is well combined.

Depending on the size of your bread mold, take a piece of dough and roll it in the seed mixture. The form should be at least 1/2 filled, but I think filling 3/4 of the form gives the best result.

One and a half bread

Place the dough onto the bottom half of your oven. The oven should be cold at this point. Once you have the bread in, put your oven to heat up to 200°C degrees. Mine took about 15 minutes to reach that, and then I kept baking the bread for another 20 minutes in the form and further 10 minutes without. Therefore the total baking time was 45 minutes. The time can vary depending on your oven and the size of your forms, so keep an eye on the bread, but in an hour it ought to be baked for sure.


Let it cool down before slicing and then simply, enjoy.


Been sick lately. Coughing and blowing my nose. It seems like a never ending story.

I’ve been baking spite that, though. But nothing so blog worthy. Just basic things.

One funny test I did do. I wanted to under-knead and over-knead the dough, and see how it would affect the baking results. Well, under-kneading was easy. The under-kneaded baguette is on the left, it was clearly smaller and the flavor of the yeast came through.


Over-kneading then again. Well, the middle one was supposed to be optimal kneaded, but I think the “overkneaded” one on the right was actually the best one of these. I had it kneading in the machine for half an hour, and then even kneaded it further by hand. Blah. Impossible to tear apart that gluten net. Too good flour.

Finally started Christmas baking. Made gingerbread dough today. Be baking it tomorrow. Without snow it’s difficult to understand how soon Santa will be here… Only two weeks, or less.


Some weeks ago I visited my friend’s bakery in order to learn how to make croissants (we don’t make them). Got some good tips and recipes to try out. Absolutely fell in love with the idea of mixing the butter, which gets laminated in the dough, with some flour in order to make it more workable. Wanna keep trying that method. And also thought the way they squeezed the ends of the ready croissants together was quite cute (like in the picture). These I made at home now, just became a bit too small in the end. Want bigger croissants! But the taste, was delicious.

Croissant breeding

Been making more fancy cakes too. This one with cherries, chocolate basis,  kirsch mousse (alkohol), chocolate mousse and some marzipan (like all the cakes in Germany). Was quite sophisticated and deluxe, indeed.

The Confectionery I call home

Then I made a monster bread. Decided to spray it with some lye. Ha! Looks so funny. And I still can do the plaits!

It was the monster bread

Now testing some baguettes.


Though these things were only not seen by me, but also baked and eaten by me. Unluckily, pics are the only thing I can share here. (And recipes – yes, yes, someday).


Made a chocolate mousse cake. Been a while, so. And wanted to decorate a cake, so. But my Bavarian cream somewhat failed. Guess I worked too warm pudding into the whipped cream. Always too impatient. Luckily the wafer cookies make it look more impressive. So worked like a real pro, using ready made decorations. That’s why it looks so pro, too.


These cookies turned out cute, again. The recipe works. Tried a different nozzle, filled them with nougat and even rolled a few in chocolate sprinkles. Had fun playing.


Made an almond vanilla cake, it ought to be a Spanish one. Quite yummy, the marzipan really comes through. But nothing so special, that I’d note the recipe.

Lye bakings

Still a baker, too. Inspired by Hannover, I made einstrangzopfen (it means that shape, a braid made with one string of dough) at home. But not out of your average white dough. Mine were, of course, dipped in lye. We love that stuff.



Survived the week among Germans. Well, yeah, I do live among them, but I’ve never before actually lived with any of them. But sharing a room of three beds was actually fun, got along great and mostly understood what was going on. But best part in Hannover was of course the baking. So, here’s some documentation.



Made braided loaves. Many sorts. So pretty. Can’t wait to try making these again.


We made so many bread rolls, and all kinds. But got to eat only one, for they had disappeared while we had a lecture in the other room. Such a shame, wanted to taste them…


And a lot of sourdough bread. Also one with white sourdough, ciabatta. That one I liked, and the others… Well, they looked amazing, I give them that. But German rye sourdough bread. Or any rye sourdough bread. Not really my thing, to be honest. But I did like baking them.

In making


Last day we made puff pastry. Pasteten (like the one’s I made before leaving) and sweet pastries with cherry and pudding filling. Really yummy, and puffy.

Also made ice-creams and snacks, but from those I don’t have that good pictures. But I guess everyone knows how vanilla ice-cream looks like so, not a big loss there.



Gone all next week! Going to Hannover, we have a week long seminar there in the baker academy. Better be a good one, and a yummy one, too.

Been baking, this and that. Cookies, bread rolls with seeds, archipelago bread is in the oven right now. Made something absolutely gorgeous, too. With my friend, puff pastry, we created humm.. pastries. Pasteten in German. Filled with tuna. And air, so much air!




I think I’ve mastered that dough, next should learn to make choux pastry. And after that Hippenmasse, ’cause the name is so cute and weird.


Ps. Keyboard is fixed. Thanks to the darling. ❤

So enjoy it, if you dare…


Happy All Hallows´ Eve everybody!