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I’ve been wondering what would be a good recipe for breadrolls and ended up trying the same dough as we use for white bread. Well, not just making breadrolls was enough – I decided to add some fried onion-bits into it to make Onionrolls!

So, the recipe is otherwise the same as in White bread with overnight sponge, but I lowered the amount of water to 130g. This makes easier to shape small rolls – especially if it is as warm as here (my flour was 27,5°C!). And as I put the salt in (I Knead) I also added 50g of onion – you can of course use all kinds of seeds and nuts instead. And yeah – if your onions are as salty as mine, do lower the amount of salt.. I guess even 4g would have been enough.

After the fourth knead and letting the dough rest for an hour, weight it out. I made 12 rolls out of mine, 36g each, but they turned out to be rather small, so I guess 8 pieces, 54g each, would be more realistic from one portion of the dough (of course you could double the dough!).  Then shape them into nice balls, place of a baking paper, cover with kitchen towel and let them rise for an hour.

Warm up the oven ready for baking, 225°C should be fine. Then bake your breadrolls for 25-30 minutes, ’till nice and golden. Cover them with towel to get ’em soften. Enjoy when cooled, mmm..

Note! Pictures of the process are displayed at the “Gallery” -page



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