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Oh my! Despite the lack of oven, one can still make yumminess. And this one was such! My mom has been telling me for long, how easy it is to make soft cheese at home, but I guess I never tought it would be this easy. But now, once I know the secret, I think my milk consumption is gonna go up with 200%.

Home made soft cheese, small portion

1l                     Milk, with fat or without

1 small ts      Rennet – In the countryside they sell this even in the smallest store, but huh! I live in the centrum now and had to do a bit of hunting to get this, luckily Stockmann sold it to me~

1/2ts              Salt

1. Heat up the milk on the stove, ’till it’s warm (37°C). Watch out that it doesn’t burn.

2. Take the milk aside, and mix in the rennet. Let the mixture stand for about 15 minutes in the room temperature.

3. Having started to thicken, make some cross-cutting in it with a knife and add the salt. Then let it stand for another 15 minutes.

4. Prepare a mold for the cheese – I used a sieve with a wet kitchen towel in it. And place your “mold-system” on top of a bowl.

5.Pour the mixture into the mold (or then try to lift there just the thickened parts if you wish). Place something “heavy” on top, e.g. a plate or a bowl, so that it squeezes out the juices.

6. And place this thing in the fridge – my cheese was fast, so it was ready to be eaten already on the same evening.. ..but you could let your cheese rest over the night.

7. Flip it on a plate and enjoy! Mmm, yumminess. And the rest of the liquid.. ..you can for example make breadrolls out of it, yay!


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